Pelham Manor police distribute masks to residents from anonymous donation


Pelham Manor police headquarters.

The Pelham Manor Police Department received an anonymous donation this week of 20,000 masks left on its doorstep.

Police Chief Jeffrey Carpenter said mask deliveries from the donation are available to Pelham Manor residents by calling ahead due to the abundance of people making requests. To minimize contact with recipients, the masks are left in the mailboxes of those who call. Priority is given to callers who are elderly or have compromised immune systems.

Carpenter said that the process of delivering masks is providing him with the opportunity to discuss additional problems that residents are facing during this time that he may be able to help with.

“Conversation about a mask turns into a concern that we can always talk about,” Carpenter said. “It’s a good opportunity to connect with the residents and speak with them.”

This mask-delivery process is not new this month; in fact, the system is based on a protocol that the department created at the previous height of Covid-19. Masks were delivered to citizens based on requests over the phone, with priority again given to elderly and immunocompromised residents. Carpenter said that they were able to find the safest and most efficient way to distribute masks through last year’s deliveries, which has allowed distribution of the current donation to be a greater success.

When asked about measures that Pelham Manor is currently taking to fight Covid-19, Carpenter said he’d prefer to discuss his department’s measures rather than those of the village. He said the department extensively disinfects areas after use and complies with social distancing. Services the department provides that require in-person contact, such as installing baby seats in cars, are conducted safely with residents, who are encouraged to clean and disinfect the car before and after contact with officers to minimize the chance of transmission.

The chief said the police department was grateful for its good communication with the town and how that has turned into such a significant donation.