DeCicco & Sons names 2020 Employee of the Year: EVERYONE

‘They really value their employees and put them first.’

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, DeCicco & Sons announced that all of its workers were being named Employee of the Year for 2020. The popular local grocery store demonstrated its thanks to the staff through a heartwarming video on social media.

According to marketing team member Chris DeCicco, when the pandemic first hit, not even the top executives at the store’s administration level knew what to expect. “Towards the beginning of the pandemic,” he said, “it was scary and overwhelmingly stressful to remain open.”

However, they embraced the challenge, and the local grocery store was able to adapt better than anyone. They were able to make DeCicco’s feel as safe as it always had with the implementation of sanitation teams and new ventilation systems, and, of course, with the help of their employees.

Ana Ramirez, a Pelham Memorial High School student who works as a cashier at the store, was grateful to receive the recognition alongside her coworkers. DeCicco’s giving the Employee of the Year award to all their workers is a true symbol of how we are treated,” said Ramirez. “Each employee is treated like family. They make working during the pandemic so much easier and enjoyable. They really value their employees and put them first.”

Cashier Brandon Neat said, “The decision to give all employees the Employee of the Year award was a great one, as it shows how we all rose to the challenge and are working as hard as we can.”

Beyond their appreciation for the award itself, workers said they valued DeCicco’s prioritization of safety during the pandemic.

Staff member Joe Venturini said employees like stockers, whose hands-on tasks require them to touch various surfaces throughout the day, were provided additional measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. DeCicco’s offered greater access to latex gloves, hand sanitizer and disposable masks, and stressed the importance of frequent hand-washing to employees.

“My health and wellbeing became a priority to me, but it became a priority to DeCicco’s as well,” Venturini said.

Employees emphasized how thankful they were to be recognized for their hard work, highlighting the sense of community that is felt by workers and patrons alike at the store.

It was clear from interviewing the Employees of the Year that the entire business, from the marketing executives and administration to the young part-time stockers, works like a family.