Picture House welcomes 160 over weekend in first screenings since pandemic’s start

The Picture House reopened on Friday after a nearly full-year closure during the pandemic. The first weekend for the non-profit theater resulted in approximately 160 tickets sold from Friday to Sunday.

Customers expressed excitement to be back at the theater.

“I don’t care what movie I’m watching,” one customer said. “As long as I am here, I am happy.”

During the past 12-months, the Picture House has only been open for pre-ordered concessions on weekends. It has been showing films online through its website, but no public access was possible until Friday after Covid-19 restrictions were eased. 

The Picture House will be open from Thursdays to Sundays with limited capacity. Currently showing is “Raya and the Last Dragon” in the main hall and “One Night in Miami” in the screening room. There will be 50 tickets sold for the main hall and six for the screening room. Normally, the main hall seats around 300, while the screening room accommodates 14.

In addition to limited capacity, the Picture House has various procedures in place to protect its staff and customers. Specific enter and exit points have been marked throughout the entire theater. Staff wipe down all touchpoints at the beginning and end of all shifts, as well as after every showing in both theaters. Concessions are sold only at the front window and not at the normal concession stand. Temperatures are checked for staff and customers entering the theater. 

“I’m very happy to be back at work,” staff member Charlie Gutch said. “And I feel our procedures provide our customers with a very safe theater.”