Manor officials contact county police, NYPD to stop drag racing on Hutch

Editor’s note: The press release has been provided by the Village of Pelham Manor.

The Board of Trustees, Village Manager and Pelham Manor Police Chief have been in direct contact with Westchester County Police and the Commanding Officer of the NYPD Highway Patrol Unit 1 to address and remediate the ongoing drag racing situation on the portion of the Hutchinson Parkway that intersects with I-95, as well the areas parallel to the Village, including Timpson and Murray Streets.

Westchester County Police and NYPD Highway Police Patrols are responsible for a large geographical area as part of their patrols, and must prioritize emergency situations, such accidents. These agencies will pay special attention to this particular issue during the course of their patrols and as their assignments permit. Westchester County Police is more than willing to work in partnership with the Pelham Manor Police Department after a comprehensive review of data reveals enforcement specifics.

It is imperative if you experience the effects of drag racing to please call the Pelham Manor Police Department immediately at 914-738-1000 to report this, as our PMPD needs objective data to relay to outside law enforcement agencies for effective and timely support.

Pelham Manor continues to work proactively on this quality of life situation. Through collaboration and outreach to various community and law enforcement partners across the region, it has and continues to be Pelham Manor’s goal to ensure this issue is addressed by the proper channels.

As always, if you wish to contact the Trustees or Village Hall with any questions or comments, click here, or call Village Hall Monday thru Friday, 830am to 430pm, at 914-738-8820 where the phone is always answered.