Joey Ammirati comments on social media posts by members of his family

To the editor:

As the owner and managing director of Caffe Ammi, I want to clarify and comment on social media posts members of my family wrote several months ago. To be clear, those posts were not made by me and they do not reflect Caffe Ammi’s nor my values. At Caffe Ammi, we work hard to create an inclusive environment for our employees and customers where all are welcome regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexuality or politics. We have a simple mission —to connect with all people through a shared love of coffee.

I have addressed the inappropriate and offensive social posts directly with my family members, and they are deeply remorseful. We will continue to discuss and address these issues as a family. Caffe Ammi appreciates the support of many community members who know us personally and recognize our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity. As a further demonstration of that commitment, we will increase our current support to organizations that promote equity and justice, including those who support the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

We always welcome a personal dialogue, have begun to reach out to many families and individuals, and I hope we can continue to openly communicate, regain your trust, and together pave a path forward. If you’d like to connect with me directly, please email me at [email protected].

Joey Ammirati

109 6th St.