High school to return all students to full time in person learning May 17


Pelham Memorial High School

All Pelham Memorial High School students will be able to attend school full time, in-person beginning on May 17, School Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Champ said in an email on Thursday.

Champ went on to explain that most high school classrooms can accommodate 3 foot distancing measures. In the “small number” of classes that cannot fit in classrooms, students in the subcohort who would have been remote on that particular day will join the class via Google Meet from the library.

The email also reminded students and parents that May 14 will be the last day in which plastic barriers will be required for middle and high school students. Any student who wishes to hang continue to use their divider may do so.  Champ called these “important steps toward a return to school feeling more ‘normal.'”