Update: ‘Worrisome’ Snapchat posts by PMHS student lead to investigation by Pelham Police; some students opt to leave building


Pelham Memorial High School

Pelham Police have been working with school district administrators after a Pelham Memorial High School student “posted pictures to Snapchat that some other students found worrisome,” according to an email from Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Champ and PMHS Principal Mark Berkowitz sent at 12:39 p.m.

The school was informed of the posts Saturday night and immediately contacted the Pelham Police, Champ wrote in a second email at 3:46 p.m.

“The police conducted due diligence regarding this post at that time and determined that there was no imminent threat to the school,” Champ wrote. “A school-level investigation was initiated today, and the issue is being addressed in accordance with the code of conduct. Since learning about the incident on Saturday, police have also continued their investigation and have confirmed their initial findings.”

“Unrelated incidents that occured last week and over this past weekend have been conflated with this situation and have unfortunately added to students’ fears, leading many to feel unsafe at school today,” the superintendent said. “We have worked in close partnership with the police on each matter out of concern for our schools and community and addressed each incident specifically to ensure our students were safe.”

After the first email went out, some students left school early, with at least one teacher excusing a class, leaving many classrooms half empty.

Students were observed being called by parents and told to leave PMHS. One student asked to go because their twin was outside concerned about them. Multiple social media posts showed students exiting the building.

“Please understand that as we continue to work through the disciplinary process, we are unable to share additional information regarding the incident,” Champ said.

A school district spokesman said he had no additional comment on the matter.

Also contributing to this story were Cristina Stefanizzi and Kira Findikyan.