Pelham Art Center opens annual faculty exhibition to showcase work of its teachers


“Heart to Heart Series: Anxiety, Joy, Compassion” by Sonila Gupta.

The annual faculty exhibition at the Pelham Art Center opened Saturday, with the work of the center’s teaching artists on display through Feb. 5. All art center class, camp and workshop instructors who taught during 2022 were eligible to participate.

“We do an annual faculty exhibition, and one of the things it does is it showcases the faculty we have,” said John Gilbert, gallery and programs manager. “It also lets the community see what we are offering as an art center in regards to the talent our faculty has comparative with our classes.”

“Three Toed Sloth: Desktop Companion” by Jeanne Carreau.

Roughly half of the faculty are participating this year. They were given full creative liberty to showcase they work. In the space each artist was assigned, they were allowed to have one large work of art or multiple smaller ones.

While it was hard to get a sense of the most popular pieces based on attendance at the opening, Gilbert said, “People generally tend to gravitate towards brighter and larger artwork.” The opening event hosted around 120 people who were eager to view the work in the gallery.

Some works of art are available for purchase. One piece, “Three Toed Sloth: Desktop Companion,” created by Jeanne Carreau, had been purchased with a red dot on the title card confirming it had a buyer.