Mount Vernon Animal Shelter announces closure; Humane Society to step in


After 48 years of operation, the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter has announced it will close on Jan. 31.

According to an Instagram post by the organization, the City of Mount Vernon made the decision to shut down the shelter due to a lack of funds to take care of the animals and the building. The shelter relies largely on its volunteer organization, the Friends of the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter, for financial support, as well as social media. However, staff numbers dwindled and numerous issues challenged the employees and animals. 

Twelve dogs are still in need of homes, according to the Instagram post. The Humane Society of Westchester has agreed to form a partnership with the facility to take care of the remaining animals, but the shelter hopes the dogs will get owners before the closing. All the cats have been adopted or taken to other facilities. 

The shelter is currently receiving a high volume of calls and emails and may not immediately answer inquiries.