Review: Pelham’s perfect summer treat is Sweet Lincoln’s ice cream


Matt Michailoff

With a vibrant, welcoming storefront on the corner of Fifth and Lincoln avenues, Sweet Lincoln has established itself in Pelham as a new favorite among those of all ages. Since its opening in the fall, Sweet Lincoln has widely expanded its menu, providing patrons with a multitude of ice cream flavors, combinations and baked treats. Needless to say, I was excited to see what they had to offer.

In terms of scooped ice cream, there are about 20 flavors offered. The first one that I tried was Campfire S’mores, a classic combination that stayed true to its roots and featured each aspect of a s’more. The chocolate chunks provided a strong taste, while not overpowering the creamy marshmallow base. Similarly, Bittersweet Symphony, coffee-based ice cream with chocolate chunks and a fudge swirl, is a terrific choice for coffee lovers and elevates that classic coffee flavor.

For ice cream, Sweet Lincoln is reasonably priced at $4.90 for a small or one scoop, including tax. For comparison, a kid’s size at Carvel is only 90 cents less with tax and may give you less ice cream. Sweet Lincoln also offers chocolate chip cookies for 75 cents each. They are baked daily and have a warm, buttery base and lots of rich chocolate chips. I would love to see an expansion of their cookie menu to include more variations like double chocolate and oatmeal raisin cookies.

I tried several fruit-flavored ice creams, including Black Cherry, Black Raspberry, Toasted Coconut and Key Lime Pie. First, Black Raspberry is unique, with a pungent fruity flavor and rich texture. Black Raspberry is the signature flavor of Perry’s, which is the company that produces the ice cream for Sweet Lincoln. I highly recommend this flavor, as it is authentic and something you may not find at other ice cream places. Toasted Coconut was true to its name, and you are sure to get loads of crunchy coconut bits in every bite. Key Lime Pie and Black Cherry are enjoyable but could be overpowering depending on your preferences. Personally, I enjoyed both of them and would highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys those flavors.

Finally, as a chocolate lover, I had to taste Death by Chocolate, which is chocolate ice cream with chocolate-covered almonds and fudge chunks. This flavor had a creamy base and a variety of textures that made it a dynamic treat. The crunch of the almonds and smooth fudge pair nicely, and for even more chocolate, you can add toppings like crushed Oreos or candy bars.

All in all, I would recommend any of the flavors described, particularly Campfire S’mores, Black Raspberry and Death by Chocolate. In a medium or large size, customers can mix several flavors if they cannot decide on just one.