PMHS senior Kady Finegan raises $5,000 for Danny Fund and volleyball scholarship fund


Kady Finegan, a senior at Pelham Memorial High School, recently held a volleyball serve-a-thon in support of two causes, raising $5,000. Finegan partnered with the Lower Hudson Volleyball Association in the effort to raise money for both the Danny Fund and the club’s scholarship fund. 

“This was my first time doing something this big, but I have been raising money through yard sales and lemonade stands since elementary school, probably around fifth grade,” said Finegan. “My mother wanted my brother and I to get involved and start donating to charities, so every spring, we would get things we didn’t need anymore and sell them. Then, we would donate the money to a charity of our choice.” 

Finegan finds joy in fundraising and giving back to her community, knowing that she is making a difference. With many years of fundraising experience, she has been involved in numerous events. This is the first event that she organized, and she led the fundraiser to great success.

Kady Finegan presents the $5,000 check to the Danny Fund board.

“$5,000 dollars is a lot of money, and it meant a lot to know that I can help these children in need,” Finegan said. “It was amazing to see how overjoyed everyone on the Danny Fund board was that I raised this money. I’m really happy to know this money will help to make a change.”

The goal of the Danny Fund is to provide support for critically ill or injured children and their families. Finegan’s commitment to the cause dates back several years.

“My mom inspired me to start helping out with the Danny Fund, and to start donating,” she said. “In early 2019, I got all of my American Girl Dolls and sold them all in a yard sale, then bought gift cards.” 

Finegan gave the cards to two Danny Fund kids suffering from terminal illnesses. She forged a special connection with one of those children, a girl named Valeria, whom she continued to speak with afterwards. Valeria passed away that summer. Finegan still retains the thank you note that Valeria sent her, a reminder of the difference she made in Valeria’s life.