Pelham Library’s K-Day gives kids ‘official license…to let their imagination run wild’

Some Kindergartners were getting their faces painted Saturday at the Town of Pelham Public Library. Some were receiving balloons twisted into various shapes, and some, most importantly, were checking out their first library books. They were all participants in K-Day, an annual event at the library.

K-Day is held to encourage Kindergartners to get a library card. The staff at the library believes that kids should start reading at an early age to help with their development. To introduce kids to the library, there were many fun events at K-Day like the face painting and balloon animals. Outside, there was chalk drawing, jumping rope and ball games. The kids were free to switch between the activities as they pleased.

Parent Maurice Owen-Michaane said his favorite part was “the joy that every child gets at being able to take out a book.” Owen-Michaane is also a member of Friends of the Pelham Public Library and was assisting at the event.

Tom Vitale
A library card is like an “official license for kids to let their imagination run wild,” said Julie Fair, who was the coordinator of K-Day for the Friends of the Pelham Public Library.

Oz Coto-Chang,  youth services librarian, was responsible for organizing K-Day. He said he loves to set everything up and also likes to see the kids’ faces light up when they get a goody bag.

Carolina Coto-Chang, a library clerk, has been working on K-Day for six years. She helped the kids sign-up for that first library card. She welcomed each Kindergartner and explained how the card works. She also assisted the parents in filling out the paperwork.