Pelham Examiner


By Evan Kaplan

March 19, 2020

My family’s under quarantine The coronavirus has been very mean Can’t they just come up with a vaccine? The country’s in the worst shape I’ve ever seen Will I be here until I’m fifteen? Or perhaps into my late ...

Where I’m From

By Victor Chang, Opinions & Ideas Editor

September 25, 2019

Trudging towards gemstones of the night, tugging at chains from my mind Left to wrestle with sludge of my head, clock dripping oppression.  Raging against the pace of thought that leaves me at this hour In a room of dour...

The Cowboy

By Stephen Tahbaz

March 17, 2019

He sits on his steed, steady and able Waiting for the sun to rise For when it comes up, he'll have to move forward Away from love and towards his demise For he surely has earned all his freedom, Through gunfire, blood,...


By Griffin Kingsley

March 17, 2019

Left them I did Left them for a better life They were always there Me for them, them for me I was their glue, holding them together Until I left Now I walk an unknown road The cities I have been and the cit...

A Woman’s Worth

By Luca Rivera

December 13, 2018

I am a lesser being because I am a girl, It is illogical to think that My future will be full of success, In reality I am worth nothing, It is wrong to think that I am equal to every other being that walks th...

The Corridor

The Corridor

December 3, 2018

The Last Weekend

By Dan Carlton

November 1, 2018

Mid moon ride through forest of red, gather bay girls wrap warm scarved head. Wind chasing pods pre flashes of green, record weight gord named sur after saints. Tales of breach and whites shared drying sun, the slides but...


By Violet Massie-Vereker

September 6, 2018

This body of air is raging around everything All that holds against it has never looked so solid and still It seems the whole world is surging up, and all that has ever grown up from the earth bows its head, and waits...


By Ella Burns

August 28, 2018

Happiness overcame the young face, When even the smallest opportunity came. A smile that was carefree. Radiant memories pranced around in her brain, But the ones she wished would disappear, Wouldn’t. Her chapter...


By Alyssa Purcea

August 28, 2018

She's a storm. Her heart is cold, but her hands are warm. Her emotions unfold.   Her heart is cold and her mind is numb. Her emotions unfold, reducing everything else to a hum.   Her mind ...