The Cowboy

He sits on his steed, steady and able
Waiting for the sun to rise
For when it comes up, he’ll have to move forward
Away from love and towards his demise

For he surely has earned all his freedom,
Through gunfire, blood, and lies
But with it comes a cost so big
That be a longer wants to survive

The yellow rays of light peak over the horizon
And penetrate into his eyes
Over the long, drooping, brown brim of his hat.
The sun is now in the sky

He kicks twice, and his horse starts to sprint
Down single trail, far and wide
Barely visible, up ahead in the distance
The cabin waits with a surprise

After what feels like hours, his horse comes to a stop
And out his rifle comes
Slowly he pushes 10 bullets in,
Gets on his horse and starts to run

Screaming with the passion of love and want,
He kicks in the front door
Bullets sear and rip through his chest
His life is no more

It’s been said time and time again
That nothing in this world comes free
Yet we speak often of this word called freedom
How, how can that be?