A Woman’s Worth

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I am a lesser being because I am a girl,

It is illogical to think that

My future will be full of success,

In reality

I am worth nothing,

It is wrong to think that

I am equal to every other being that walks this earth,

Why is it so hard to understand that

We lack the power to bridge the gap,

It is impossible to say that

A woman’s dreams are just as valuable as a man’s,

In fact

Women are just there to look pretty,

It would be immoral if I were to say that

Women deserve the same treatment as men

Inside and outside of work,

If a woman were to do the same work as a man

Wouldn’t it make sense  

To pay a woman less,

People should not accept

Forms of protest from the female sex,

How normal it would be if there were

Unequal wages.


This is inevitable…unless we were to reverse our view.