New Music Monday: Rising artists Maggie Rogers and Pink Sweat$ reinvent their genres

New Music Monday: Rising artists Maggie Rogers and Pink Sweat$ reinvent their genres

Maggie Rogers and Pink Sweat$ are two new artists who are just hitting their break in discovery and their two new releases set the stage for what they have to offer.

Although released in the beginning of the new year, Maggie Roger’s debut album, “Heard It In The Past Life” is one not to be missed. Released on January 18, this 12 track-set brings post modern folk music a new twist. Roger’s stardom began when she auditioned in front of Pharrell Williams as a student artist in a Masterclass at NYU. Pharrell was intrigued and her first ever song, “Alaska,” brought him to tears.

Many of her other songs can be associated with folk as well as rhythms and beats from the 80s and 90s. The funky guitar and bass collaboration reminds listeners of artists such as Fleetwood Mac and the band Haim.

The climactic and even cinematic feeling in “Say it” brings back the groovy feelings of old school R&B jams. One of Roger’s biggest hits on the album is “Light On,” which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs. Initially hinting at a rather depressing and struggling career to find herself and deal with her own self doubt and uncertainty, Rogers breaks at the songs climax when she shouts, “you must be so happy now,” mocking the well wishes that came from the people around her. However, the chorus brings triumph and the power in her voice shines as she hints that she’s “finding out, there’s just no other way,” and she’s still “dancing at the end of the day,” leaving a positive message.

Additionally, the instrumentals throughout the track vary and make each song unique. While some beats feel repetitive, such as in “Burning,” overall the instrumentals are danceable and lush as heard in “Retrograde” and “Past Life.” Listeners will want to get up and dance alone to the Roger’s falsetto layered chorus’ that brings feelings of euphoria and freedom.

Pink Sweat$, a new, upcoming artist brings us his second EP, titled “Volume 2.” Released on March 28, “Volume 2” contains five tracks with great acoustic guitar chords and seemingly effortless smooth choruses that glide right through. He sings about love, relationships, break ups and everything in between.

Pink Sweat$ can be categorized as a modern R&B and Soul singer. The mood of his songs range from dramatic to delicate and romantic. Songs like “Body Ain’t Me” bleed intimacy and honesty, leaving room for his beautiful and raw vocals. Beneficially, they held back on over producing the album, resulting in a very pure and stripped back tune, displaying his true songwriting style.

Since releasing his first EP “ Volume 1″ this past November, Pink Sweat$ takes listeners through an entire experience that bring about all sorts of feelings. “Coke & Henny” Parts 1 and 2 have more of a casual fun beat to it along with exciting yet still soothing lyrics. Meanwhile, songs like “I Know” are much more dramatic. The acoustic guitar acts as a fundamental, consistent element equal to the vocals and the each track introduces new, little instruments that make each song one of a kind. Be sure to look out for Pink Sweat$ and take a listen to “Volume 2,” as he is most definitely on the rise.