New Music Monday: Lizzo brings hot new album, while Khalid’s seems like a repeat

New Music Monday: Lizzo brings hot new album, while Khalids seems like a repeat

Lizzo, an upcoming artist, and Khalid, the American teen, bring us yet another album full of new tracks.

Lizzo is a feminist and self-love enthusiast singer-songwriter and rapper who’s brought out one of the most upbeat albums of the year so far. She is famous for her singles “Boys” and “Tempo ft. Missy Elliot” and her energetic dancing and flute performances on stage. Lizzo is one you won’t want to miss.

Lizzo’s third album, released on April, is titled “Cuz I Love You.” The record contains 11 powerful pop rap and soul songs about self love. This record is very different from others because of Lizzo’s distinct voice and personality. Her genre crosses over many different areas including soul, hip hop and rap all at once. The record’s lyrics convey many emotions and moods. “Cuz I Love You” is relatable and fun for many ages and could even be considered a pop throwback but modern enough for young people. Accented by her powerful lead vocals and a background gospel choir in many of the songs, the vocals all around are very strong.

Mention worthy songs include, “Cuz I Love You,” the opening track characterized as a dramatic pop, heavy, romantic, traumatizing, soul song with the biggest vocal performance. Lizzo is a power house with lots of volume and emotion.“Tempo” came out as a single earlier in the year features Missy Elliot. The track is one of my favorites and  starts with rock music and then leads into a Lizzo-style rap with a catchy beat and repetitive lyrics. “Juice,” a disco and funky track, contains drum beats and guitar riffs. It is a very playful, rhythmic track with a catchy chorus you will have stuck in your head for days. “Jerome” is another one of my favorites that has a classic vibe with a modern twist and witty lyrics. The relatable message can be understood by many and fans love how Lizzo faces reality with her love life and learns to love herself through her songs just as we all should.

Khalid’s second studio album, “Free Spirit,” was released on April 5. This album follows his first hit album “American Teen” released about two years ago. Khalid has a soothing voice with good tone. His tracks fit with the R&B genre along with hip hop.

At 17 tracks long, this album seems to drag on and contain a lot of the same sounds and rhythms that even remind us of tracks from his previous album. There is not much going on and, and when moments of the song feel like they’re going somewhere, they don’t. Other stars featured in the album include John Mayer and SAFE.

The record isn’t amazing but there are tracks that you’ll want to keep listening to. “Talk” is one of the best songs on the album to highlight Khalid’s strengths and the qualities of his voice. It addresses the early stages of a relationship. He sings about the struggles of being a 21 year old and the lyrics are mostly relatable to all ages. “My Bad” is also another song that hit the top tracks list that has a super catchy beat and flow throughout the song.

If you’re relaxing at home or taking a slow, moody car ride, “Free Spirit” is perfect for that. If you’re looking for a more interesting, fun album you’ll want to listen to something more like Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You” record.