Lewis Capaldi and Daniel Caesar release hot new albums

Recently, artists Lewis Capaldi and Daniel Caesar released albums that both display astonishing song writing abilities and bring listeners some of the most beautiful tracks.

Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent

22 year old Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi released his third album titled “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent.” Newfound with the release of his single “Someone You Loved” he quickly gained attention in the industry. “Someone You Loved” was a number one track for multiple weeks which comes as no surprise due to the powerful piano ballad that ultimately showcases Capaldi’s flawless lyrical ability. He writes about heartbreak, betrayal and everything in between. 

The album starts off brightly with a Mumford and Sons style hoedown beat in the track, “Grace.” His voice is powerful and strong as it gradually builds to the chorus. The lyrics are positive and uplifting and there seems to be a gospel energy as his voice ascendes in the chorus.  In the track,“Headspace” the gritty guitar and deep heartbreaking lyrics, “I can take the hit but sorry I don’t want the bruise” form an intense feeling. “Bruises” and “Don’t Get me Wrong” feature Capaldi’s vocals at their most dominant point. 

His songwriting is astonishing and there’s a nobility to the pure honesty in his words. The piano and guitar with his beautiful lyrics become Capaldi’s greatest companions on an album dedicated to delivering continuous love songs.

Case Study 01

Toronto R&B singer Daniel Caesar, signed to his own record label Golden Child, released a surprise album on June 28. The album, titled “Case Study 01,” contains 10 tracks including contributions from Pharrell Williams and John Mayer. 

Caesar explores science metaphors to express ideas of spirituality, death and forgiveness. In the first track on the album titled, “Entropy,” he uses the thermodynamic chemical reaction to symbolize the chaos in his life and how us, as humans, have little control over the catastrophic events in nature. The song is a beautiful, genuine display of his vulnerability. This idea continues in “Superposition” as he sings about the balances of nature and mentions “yin and yang.” This track also features John Mayer, who’s mesmeric guitar riffs and ghostly voice complement Caesar’s airy falsetto to produce a beautiful piece.

The album’s first released single, “Love Again” is a savvy duet with R&B star, Brandy. The two complement each others voice and both sound very angelic throughout the entire track. “Frontal Lobe Muzik,” which features Pharrell  brings more of a fun, light hearted track that is contrasted with the normally, very serious Daniel Caesar.

“Case Study 01” is a thoughtful, beautiful-sounding album and Caesar proves he’s a smart, talented and fascinating song writer.