Village of Pelham police blotter: Oct. 10-16

Village of Pelham police blotter: Oct. 10-16

Oct. 10

8:33 a.m. — An officer was dispatched to a location on First Street on a report of a larceny from the past. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the victim who stated that when she got her vehicle that morning on October 10th, and she noticed $100 missing along with some quarters. The victim stated that it was approximately $5 in quarters and that those were the only items missing. She also advised that she left her doors unlocked the previous night. No further police action at this time.

5:35 p.m. — An officer was parked at the Mobil Gas Station on Lincoln Avenue, observing traffic, when a grey SUV traveling westbound on Lincoln Avenue passed through a steady red light at First Avenue without stopping. The officer effected a vehicle stop on Lincoln Avenue at Hutchinson Boulevard, and requested a license and registration from the operator. The party produced a registration and a Brazillian passport, and advised that he did not have a driver’s license. A DMV check of the party’s license revealed an expired NYS driver’s license and one suspension from 2001 out of White Plains. Other officers arrived for back up. The operator was advised that he was under arrest, and allowed to make a phone call to a friend to pick up the vehicle. The man was searched and handcuffed, and placed in the rear of a police car, and transported to police headquarters. An officer remained on scene until the car was picked up. The party was booked and photographed. He was issued a ticket, and released later on a $100 bail. Bail receipt was placed in a safe.

Oct. 12

1:50 p.m. — An officer was advised of an unknown white dog at a location on Cliff Avenue. The complaining party stated that the dog was in her backyard and the number on the tag is to a vet that is closed. An officer was dispatched and the owner of the dog was located and responded to the location.

Oct. 13

7:50 a.m. — A desk officer broadcasted that MTA had an armed robbery from a train at the North Pelham side platform. Upon arrival an officer met with the victim, a conductor and another MTA employee. The officer received a brief description and then broadcasted same to the PPD units. The officer had the MTA employee ride with him to search the area for said suspect. While checking East Third Street in Mount Vernon the rider observed the suspect walking. The officer pulled alongside the suspect in uniform and advised the suspect that he needed to speak with him. The suspect then proceeded to run. The officer chased the suspect while remaining in the patrol vehicle. The suspect kept running back and forth. The officer advised that the suspect stop several times.  The officer then advised the suspect that if he continued to run the officer would use a taser. The suspect stopped where he was and was handcuffed, searched, and placed in the back of the patrol vehicle. A phone was recovered and the MTA employee identified the person to be the suspect who stole the phone. He was transported back to the train station and turned over to the MTA police.

8:40 a.m. — Two dogs were reported running around in the park on Wolf’s Lane and First Street, an officer was dispatched and assisted the owner in retrieving it.

Oct. 16

8:36 p.m. — A party on Washington Avenue advised of a suspicious circumstance discovered by the Ring Doorbell app. The party advised that someone had reported a white van with a driver wearing a mask attempting to lure children with candy. Units were dispatched to conduct a canvass of the area with negative results. No further.

Oct. 17

9:49 a.m. — A motorist called the police headquarters to report a loose, small white dog walking around. An officer located the loose dog, and transported him to headquarters. Westchester Humane Society was called and advised they will be responding to pick up the dog.

10:20 a.m. — A party  responded to police headquarters to report an identity theft. The party stated that her cell phone carrier Verizon notified her a suspect person changed her cell phone company to T-Mobile without her consent. The reporting party further stated that the suspect took her cell phone number as well, and had an address on file in Florida. The reporting party did state that no finances were taken at this time, and an officer advised her to report it to the three credit bureaus. No further police action taken at this time.