New York State Council of Superintendents calls for postponement of fall sports


The New York State Council of Superintendents sent Governor Andrew Cuomo a letter Aug. 26 urging him to reconsider allowing any school sports in the fall. 

The letter said “authorizing school athletics could jeopardize the successful resumption of in-person learning for students.” The council said sports will result in students and coaches being in frequent close proximity, ignoring current social distancing guidelines. Additional challenges such as locker rooms, spectators and those who choose to participate in remote learning were also mentioned in the letter. The council is not calling for an end to all athletics this school year, but is requesting they be put on hold until Jan. 1.

Asia Bertuccioli, a senior at Pelham Memorial High School and current captain of the girls varsity swim team, said, “Obviously, academics must be prioritized over athletics and we should first see how the beginning of the school year goes… The cancellation of all fall sports is unnecessary. We should postpone athletics and eventually reevaluate the situation once we know it is safe to return.”

Cuomo thus far has stated that “low-risk” sports can begin practice and play on Sept. 21. These include soccer, swimming, cross country, field hockey and tennis.  Sports that have been deemed higher risk, such as football and volleyball, have been permitted to practice beginning on Sept. 21, but are not allowed to play games until Cuomo determines otherwise. For more updates on state-wide school sports reopening, check the official website here.