AAPI Brave Space Discussion to be hosted by Pelham Public Library on April 21

Editor’s note: This announcement was provided by the Town of Pelham Public Library.

With the continuing rise of violence, hate and bias targeted at the Asian American Pacific Island (AAPI) community, the Town of Pelham Library invites all Pelhamites to join a Brave Space session focused on the AAPI perspective on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 8pm.

A Brave Space is a safe and open place for all of us to authentically engage and collectively collaborate on our way forward together. The goal is to create a productive dialogue in which people speak honestly and critically from experience forward mutual learning and actionable insight.

Hear from you AAPi neighbors and friends as they share their personal experiences, cultural insights, and constructive ideas. There will be an opportunity for attendees to share thoughts and ask questions. Together we can start to chart a course forward on a shared cause of stopping AAPI hate.

This Brave Space event will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 8pm. Register by clicking here to reserve your spot. Participants must agree to not record or photograph the event.


  • Jeffay Chang, recovering attorney, finance executive, 16-year Pelhamite, avid racquets sports enthusiast
  • Sun Sun Chung, organization effectiveness executive, parent of college-age children, French baking enthusiast, 16+ year Pelham resident
  • Sing Duffy, hedge fund controller, mom of 2 girls, 7-year Pelham resident
  • Dr. Andy Lee, vascular surgeon, father of 2 high school seniors
  • Michael Ming, Pelham resident since 1997, Pelham Civics president, decent golfer
  • Liam O’Neill, media executive, mom of 2 boys, 11-year Pelham resident
  • Dr. Jessica Spencer, emergency medicine physician, 10-year Pelham resident
  • Moderator: Desmond Yuen, advertising executive, fond of motor racing, tacos, and punk