Burglary at Four Corners leaves cash stolen at one shop, broken windows at several

The broken window at Number 1 Chinese Restaurant, which had money stolen. (Sasha Fair)

Money was taken from the cash register of Number 1 Chinese Restaurant early Thursday morning, and the storefront windows of the restaurant, Four Corners Pizzeria and Fashion Care Organic Dry Cleaners were broken or cracked by presumably the same culprit.

The business owners were notified of the broken windows at around 5 a.m by the Pelham Manor Police Department. The owners of Number 1 Chinese said they arrived to find their cash register empty and several store items toppled over.

A window at Four Corners Pizzeria needed replacement later in the day.

“Nothing was taken here, but there was some stuff taken from next door at the Chinese place and the laundromat,” said a representative of Four Corners Pizza. “Over here, the glass was just cracked. The police said probably about 4:30 in the morning.”

Both Number 1 Chinese and Four Corners Pizza continued serving customers on their regular schedule. As the case is still under investigation, the Pelham Manor Police said they were unable to provide further information about the burglary or damage at this time.

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