Cristina Chianese brings her marketing expertise to Chamber of Commerce as new president

Cristina Chianese will be taking over as president of the Pelham Chamber of Commerce upon the exit of current co-Presidents Amy Cole and Clay Bushong on August 31. The chamber is a network of local Pelham businesses that works to increase sales and business within the town, improving life for all citizens of the community.

Chianese began her involvement with the chamber this year when the Junior League of Pelham was seeking volunteers to aid local businesses in the Easter season. She then assisted with the marketing of Richard’s Passport and other Pelham companies and organizations, after which she became a frequent volunteer with the chamber.

Prior to her involvement with the chamber, Chianese developed an extensive background in business development and marketing. She obtained a bachelor of arts from Loyola University and began her own business, Three Bean Marketing, of which she is the principal. With this background, she will be able to pitch her creative ideas to local companies, stimulating business. Chianese recognizes the importance of supporting local businesses and aims to work to change the buying behavior of Pelham citizens to a more community-based one through a new mindset of business marketing.

From Chianese’s perspective, Pelham has experienced “several rainbows from the Covid storm,” including “(the) Pelham Cares initiative, the PLAN group, the Pelham List (and) the growing footprint of outdoor eating options.” She hopes to be able to continue and expand these efforts once she takes over.

Chianese’s goals as president include maintaining the chamber’s current partners and attracting new businesses. She aspires to aid businesses through this calamitous time when so many small companies are in danger of failing. Promotions for holidays and special events could lead to increased revenue, as could encouraging citizens to shop local and businesses to think of sustainability, even in challenging times. For long-term plans, Chianese believes in creating further connections between Pelham’s nonprofits and local businesses and emphasizing the necessity of community through these ties. As a Pelham resident, Chianese expressed her understanding of both the strengths and weaknesses of the town, and is interested in preserving Pelham’s most admirable charms, from its community organizations to its unique Pelham pride, all while making room for growth and change.