Meals with Matt: Favorite dishes from Pelham restaurants


Matt Michailoff

Bangkok City’s lunch special with pad se ew.

Living in Pelham for 16 years, I’ve tried nearly every food option available from Chinese food to Greek food to Italian food. Whether it’s new spots like Cafe Latino and Pizza Fenice or old fan favorites like Rockwells and Pelham Palace, there are endless spectacular choices for dining in Pelham.

Pad se ew – Bangkok City

This Thai, stir-fried noodle dish never disappoints and remains my go-to order at Bangkok City. It is a flat noodle with cabbage, egg, bean sprouts, broccoli and your choice of meat served in a delicious sweet and salty sauce. The dish pairs nicely with the signature Thai iced tea, which is a must-have. The picture at right is the lunchbox special, which is offered on weekdays for lunch and comes with pad se ew (which I ordered extra spicy with shrimp), edamame, Thai samosas and a miso salad. This is arguably the best deal in Pelham for only $12 and great portion size.

Chicken with broccoli – Pelham Palace

This classic chicken dish served with broccoli, brown sauce and white or brown rice is a simple, yet incredible choice. The sauce is not overpowering and is a great compliment to the chicken and broccoli. It can also be served with a spicy garlic sauce, which is a terrific alternative for fans of spicier food. A very similar vegetarian alternative is the spicy broccoli. While Pelham Palace is only open for takeout and delivery currently, it continues to serve its patrons delicious, affordable food and heartwarming service. The chicken with broccoli is reasonable at $15.

Cavatelli con cima di rabe – Sergio’s Restorante

Sergio’s was named to OpenTable’s top 100 restaurants in America in January, and this dish is an example of why it received that honor. Translated as cavatelli with broccoli rabe, this dish comes with homemade cavatelli pasta, broccoli rabe, cannelloni beans, garlic and light olive oil sauce. The flavor profile is amazing, and the addition of beans really makes this dish special plus it works nicely with the other ingredients. The light, fresh pasta is a terrific summer meal though a great option any time of the year. It’s pricey at $25, but it is a must-try for a formal dinner.

Pelville’s bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Buffalo chicken slice – Pelham Pizzeria and Restorante

While I’m not sure there’s an answer to “the best pizza in Pelham,” I can say without a doubt that the buffalo chicken slice from Pelham Pizza is up there. Some may argue that buffalo chicken does not belong on pizza, but this slice executes it perfectly and manages to elevate a chicken slice to the next level. It combines the pizzeria’s traditional, delicious cheese slice with generous amounts of crispy, flavorful buffalo chicken that make a mouth-watering combination. The crust, sauce and cheese of the pizza do not get overpowered by the chicken, and the buffalo sauce is subtle. A slice is around $5, which makes it the most affordable dish on this list.

Tap House burger – Prime 16

This standard cheeseburger continues to be a fan favorite at Prime 16 with Pelhamites since the restaurant’s fairly recent opening a few years ago. It features cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and the signature Tap House sauce, along with a side. (I usually choose French fries, but the tots are great as well.) Everything about this burger is exceptional and exemplifies what a simple gourmet burger should be. The brioche bun is soft and tastes fresh, and the sauce adds the perfect punch. At around $18, the Tap House burger is not cheap, but a quality and filling dish nonetheless.

Honorable mentions: Hibachi dinner from Edo Japanese Steakhouse, crispy Italian chicken sandwich from JCafe and bacon, egg and cheese from Pelville Coffee & Pastry.