Danny’s Cycles to reopen at new Wolfs Lane location close to old storefront

Danny’s Cycles ready for its grand opening in its new Wolfs Lane location.

Danny’s Cycles will be holding the grand opening Saturday for its new shop two doors down from the bike retailer’s original storefront on Wolfs Lane, which closed in late December.

Since the late 1920s, a bicycle business has operated at Danny’s Cycles’ original location. It was called the Pelham Bicycle Center until 2017, when Danny’s Cycles owner Steve Kahn acquired the business. Due to the difficulty in bringing bicycles in and out of the store because of the building’s stairs, the location eventually was deemed unsuitable for a cycling shop.

“It was an older and run-down shop,” said Kahn. “We had purchased that store from the previous owner and work had not been done on it for a long time.”

The new store is located at the former location of Wisdom Way Martial Arts and is updated in terms of heat and energy efficiency. The grand reopening on Saturday will correspond with Pelham Together’s Summerfest event. Kahn said he is hopeful that the Pelham community will welcome the business once more.

“A big benefit is that there is no step to get into the front door,” he said. “We serve people in wheelchairs, and it will be much easier to access for them.”

Currently, at Danny’s Cycles’ previous storefront, a sign with Pedro Sanchez Cycling’s logo is hung in the window. However, when contacted, representatives from Pedro Sanchez Cycling denied any plans to open a Pelham shop.

When Kahn asked for this sign to be removed, the landlord for the old location refused.

Kahn said, “The landlord asked another bike store to put their sign up in the window to try to drive business away from us, and we are not completely sure why. We left when the lease was up because it was not the right space for us. We did not leave on bad terms. The bike store community is a small community, and we always try to help each other out. I was not happy the other was facilitating the landlord.”

However, Kahn remains optimistic about the future of his business in Pelham. “We love serving the town, Pelham. It’s a great town with a great clientele.”