Some hot competition: Pelham’s best hot chocolate for winter season

Some hot competition: Pelhams best hot chocolate for winter season

Hot chocolate is the perfect beverage for the winter season. There are many Pelham establishments that serve this delicious drink, but which hot chocolate in Pelham is the best? I recently ran all around Pelham looking for an answer and tried several go-to spots throughout the town. I then judged all of the hot cocoas based on their taste, quality, and service.

The first location to try was Dunkin’ Donuts, located on Boston Post Road. Dunkin’ Donuts serves piping hot, creamy, and delicious hot chocolate in a matter of seconds. Its in-and-out service causes customers’ orders to be crafted at impressive speeds. Their large sizes and low prices at $1.85 for a small cup make for a great bargain on these drinks. Although the flavor of the hot chocolate is undeniably artificial at times, their impeccable service makes up for it. If you’re looking for a quick hot cocoa on the go, Dunkin’ Donuts is the perfect place to be.

Next on my list was J Café, located in downtown Pelham. J Café creates delicious hot chocolate but at what cost? Their sizes are smaller than Dunkin’ Donuts and cost more at $3.10 for a small cup. Nevertheless, J Café’s hot chocolate is just as good if not better because of the handcrafted techniques and classic processes used by the barista. If you are in the area and want reliable and delicious hot cocoa, J Café is certainly a strong choice.

Last on my list was Caffè Ammi in North Pelham. Its charming interior provides the perfect spot to grab a cup of cocoa. Their deliciously smooth hot chocolate always leaves you wanting more, though comes at the highest price yet at $3.50 per cup. Although their location is a little farther away from the central downtown of Pelham, it is definitely worth the trip to get yourself a deliciously crafted hot cocoa.

So there you have it! After reviewing the popular hot chocolate spots in town, I believe that Dunkin’ Donuts provides you with the most “bang for your buck.” Its cheaper prices, fast service, and tasty hot cocoa provide a result that certainly left me satisfied.