Iced coffee in Pelham: The ultimate guide


Iced coffee is one of Pelham residents’ most beloved and purchased beverages, partly due to the great array of Pelham restaurants and cafes that hold great promise. Regardless of who you are or why you are in need of this delicious caffeinated drink, there are many vital factors that go into determining the perfect coffee. Here is the complete guide to Pelham businesses’ iced coffee from an avid iced coffee enthusiast.

Lenny’s Bagels

Lenny’s is the perfect place to go for a coffee if you have a complimentary bagel in mind. They have the standard coffee and a few flavor swirls, but not much variability in comparison to other coffee shops. While it is not the strongest coffee, it does taste great and is not watery. The coffee tends to be rather expensive though, ranging from $4-$7.

Affordability – ✩✩

Variability – ✩✩✩

Taste – ✩✩✩✩

Strength – ✩✩✩


Flour Power

Flour Power is my favorite place in Pelham for baked goods, but I tend to skip their coffee. I find it to be rather watery and there is not a great array of flavors or types of coffee offered. The coffee was pretty weak and even though I ordered an iced coffee, it tasted predominantly of the oat milk I got in it. However, this coffee is priced reasonably.

Affordability -✩✩✩

Variability – ✩✩

Taste – ✩✩

Strength – ✩


Pelville Pastry:

Pelville’s iced coffee did not stand out negatively nor positively to me. It tasted like the standard iced coffee, fairly strong, and it had just the right amount of milk in it. However, there are not many options to customize the coffee and it tasted a bit bland. The price is around $4-$6 which I find to be within the average cost for iced coffee. I would not go out of my way to come here for a coffee, but if I was here having brunch, I would definitely order a coffee to pair with my food.

Affordability – ✩✩✩

Variability – ✩✩

Taste – ✩✩✩

Strength – ✩✩


Caffè Ammi/Jcafe: 

Here is the best for last! Caffè Ammi, which supplies Jcafe, has always been my favorite iced coffee in Pelham. There is a plethora of milk options, flavor swirls, as well as coffee grounds. Their specialized drinks are incredible, and the coffee is always strong and rich. I have never had a bad iced coffee here and it is my usual spot to get coffee. The only downside to this coffee is the fact that it is outrageously priced. With a lot of add-ons such as caramel, almond milk, and an extra shot of espresso, the coffee can come out to be $9. A standard coffee can still be affordable though, ranging from $3-$5 for a small or medium size. 

Affordability -✩✩

Variability – ✩✩✩✩✩

Taste – ✩✩✩✩✩

Strength – ✩✩✩✩✩


Official Ranking:

  1. Caffè Ammi/Jcafe
  2. Lenny’s Bagels
  3. Pellville
  4. Flour Power